August 13, 2019

It was about time to put a touch of elegance in the boudoir shoots!
French photographer with Italian roots, Zack Zublena offers elegant and classy nude photography with an "Italian Renaissance" touch.

Most boudoir photographers have been influenced by Playboy magazine.
While there is nothing wrong with that, it is crucial to bring some elegance to it, which is what Zack naturally does.

Fine Art Photography meets Boudoir Photography: A new option for couples in Los Angeles

Zack’s influence comes from Leonardo Da Vinci, Raphael, Michelangelo... These great artists who have forever revolutionized art, architecture, and even science. The first of their times to sublimate men and women by giving them the appearance of living God, "half-man, half God".

Fine Art Photography meets Boudoir Photography: A new option for couples in Los Angeles

Zack emphasizes this forward by painting you in gold, the color of the Gods, the color of the soul, the color of the most precious metal.

During the photoshoot, you can decide to keep your sexy underwear if you wish, or not. Get ready for this amazing experience and become a God or a Goddess!
Zack loves to make his clients look like golden gods; enhanced, glorified, magnified!
Get emerged in this XV° Century European bath of beauty and magic!

The less we show... The more mysterious...The more divine you are!

Show Everything Without Revealing it All!

Greek Gods of beauty and desire.. Available for couples as well!
Same goes for couples! You want your love to be eternal? Make it gold, you will be proud to show these pieces of art (of yourself) to your friends and family!

Perfect just before the wedding, or even after, take pictures in Adonis and Aphrodite to celebrate your love at its highest.

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