Why the Golden Shoot is the best Boudoir Photoshoot in Los Angeles

August 08, 2019

Why the Golden Shoot is the best Boudoir Photoshoot in Los Angeles

When it comes to Boudoir Photoshoots, Los Angeles has many options to offer, but only one of them involved fine art photography and gold… ZZ Gallery’s Gold Shoot.

Here are 6 reasons why we can confidently say that The Gold Shoot is the BEST photoshoot you can offer yourself or someone you love, in Los Angeles.


Zack Zublena is very well versed inelegant, graceful, and mysterious photography. Zack has a lot of experience in revealing women’s beauty... His impressive fine art photography background adds a unique touch that can’t be replicated. Offering the client to become the art he/she purchases is very exciting for him because he can then create together with the client, according to what he/she would like to have in his/her home. Far from Playboy photos, but also far from the classic boudoir photoshoot in lingerie and high heels that you can only share with your significant over - only, Zack will make fine art pictures of you that you will be proud to frame in your living room. Michel-Ange, Raphael, Leonard de Vinci, David... Cradle of the renaissance (XV° Century Italian renewal), represents its source of inspiration. Without necessarily wrapping yourself in sheets and having you taking poses of Greek statutes, but by magnifying, in gold, striking always elegant and graceful poses. 

2. A Professional and Respectful Experience. 

Zack always offers to his client to come to the photoshoot along with a sibling, husband or wife, member of the family, or good friend to make sure everyone is comfortable. ‘As long as you don’t feel shy in front of this person”, Zack says.Our highly experienced make-up artist will paint you from head to toe (hair will be discussed prior to the shoot) and she will stay throughout the shoot to do touch up every now and then. 

3. The Gold Shoot is the most creative option out there.

    You probably have never heard of Fine Art Gold Shoot. That would be because no one else does that! No other photographer specializes in gold, gold makeup, gold set, gold walls, gold fabrics, even gold water… For several years now, Zack has been shooting gold only. Fine art photoshoot, personal shoot (The Gold Shoot), and exhibits. The exciting thing about the gold shoot is that you are not going to book a photoshoot with a photographer (to do family portraits or headshots, or corporate portraits), but you are booking a photoshoot to become the art you are going to frame in your house! You become the piece of Fine Art. As you can see onwww.zzgallery.com you are not on a regular photographer website, you are in an art gallery whose artist offers this very unique experience: become your own piece of art.

    4. A make up experience like no other. 

      The French make up artist graduated from the most prestigious make up artist school in Paris, France:  “Make Up Forever School”. She not only specializes in body make up and fine art, but has also worked in Paris with prestigious brands such as the greatest French fashion designers, YSL, Chanel, Dior, but also with one of the best German skincare line: Doct. Hauschka. So, when it comes to gold body make up, she uses only the best products on the market. Every brush used during the make up is brand new and still wrapped when the client arrives. 

      5. The final result: Fine Art

      The final result will blow your mind away. Your friends will think you were painted or photographed by a XV° Century Italian artist… Michel Ange, or Raphael… If you decide to have them printed, Zack will recommend you to the best printer in Los Angeles, specialized in fine art, that ships all over the country. He will also tell you where to have it museum framed, for you to be able to look at it without any reflexion. “There’s nothing worse than to see your reflection when you are looking at a piece of art” says Zack. During the photoshoot, Zack will show you pieces hung on the walls of his home studio, thus you will be able to appreciate the difference. 

      “My clients end up with several pieces of art that they are really proud to hang in their living room and show their friends and family.” 

      A classic, subtle, elegant, breathtaking piece of art. 

      6. The empowering feeling that you will get from it.

        It is an experience that can totally restore confidence to a woman in her fifties or sixties who will realize that she is sublime. “When I saw the final product, the beauty and sensuality of my body in the water... These images go everywhere with me, in my iPhone but also, in my mind, I am much more confident of myself, of my beauty, proud of my body… And the best part is: my kids love it!”

        It is indeed a very empowering experience to be body painted in gold and be treated like a goddess. A magnificent experience! 

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