You can either be history or make history. Fine Art Photography for Men.

August 21, 2019

You can either be history or make history. Fine Art Photography for Men.

Men: the time for you to be art has come. These fine art golden photographs by famous French photographer Zack Zublena are meant to be stylish and elegant and are usually for private use. However, they make the perfect gift for that special person in your life.

Increasingly popular in recent years, fine art photography has taken a new turn in the Los Angeles/Beverly Hills area, with a unique trend launched by Zack Zublena: the Golden Photo Shoot. With this popular shoot, loved by actors and models all over the city of Angels, Zack not only captures the sexiness of his subjects but more importantly transforms them into pieces of art, giving them the beauty and eternity of a golden divinity.

You can either be history or make history Fine Art Photography for Men_Boudoir_Photography_in_Los_Angeles_CAThe result is amazing and will stay with you forever. 

Beauty comes in all sizes and shapes and it does not take the body of a bodybuilder to consider a Golden Photo Shoot. In fact, the gold makeup is perfect to hide any small imperfections you may have or feel self-conscious about. And with Zack’s 15+ years’ experience shooting all kinds of people, you can count on his expertise to select the positions and angles that will make you look your very best.  Zack’s Golden shoot is a unique and unforgettable experience that everyone should do at least once. The result is amazing and will stay with you forever. And beyond being on your bucket list, it can also be the perfect gift for an anniversary, a special present for your significant other or anything your heart desires. One brave man even did it to support his coming out announcement. Zack’s Golden shoot is also available for couples and can be a wonderful engagement or wedding gift. 

Be ready for a once in a lifetime experience.

So what exactly is Zack Zublena’s Golden Shoot? What should you expect? 

First, Zack will meet with you to go over your specific requirements and discuss photo setting, makeup, clothing, props, etc. Various options are available depending on your preferences: are you comfortable in water or would you rather be photographed against Zack’s golden wall; would you prefer being wrapped in gold fabric or just body painted; would you rather be naked, partially naked, etc. Do you want a mask, red roses? Based on your choices and level of comfort, Zack will choose with you the best options. 

On the day of the shoot, you will meet with Zack and his makeup artist in his home studio in Los Angeles. You may choose to come alone or with someone to accompany you. Expect to be welcomed with a glass of French Champagne and strawberries to make you feel at ease. 

Zack's make up artist, one of the best French makeup artists in the LA area. Professionally educated and trained in Paris, she has worked for CHANEL, YVES SAINT LAURENT, L’ORÉAL, DOCTEUR HAUSCHKA and is well recognized in the industry. She will proceed with the makeup session, which lasts about one hour, covering your entire body and hair in gold. She only relies on highest-quality professional makeup products that are safe to use. Let her work her magic and it will feel like you’ve been turned into a god.

“Clients love this part!”, comments Zack. The gold makeup is amazing in the sense that your body is transformed into an object of art and any awkwardness you may have had being naked goes away. You feel like you’re on top of the world!  This is such a powerful feeling.

If you are interested in getting your own Golden Photo Shoot, please contact us today in Los Angeles by phone at 310.880.6540, or by email at