Absolutely unique and unseen, this collection will mesmerize any audience and will totally enhance your client experience.

Just like Japanese artist of the 15th century, Kintsugi, who offers a celebrated new life to objects by repairing their cracks with gold; magnifying their imperfections instead of hiding them... 

Zack Zublena paints human bodies with gold; magnifying the pure essence of their souls, which nourishes them, protects them, nurtures them and guides them, repairing their "cracks" forever and ever.

Through the bodies of nude women and men adorned with gold, the artist intends to celebrate humanhood in all its forms and acknowledge the special place that humans have in the world. 

Like divinities in the antique world, women have different facets. They are strength and determination like Diana the hunting goddess. They are beauty and love like Venus. They are fertility and motherhood like Ceres. As the source of creation and the sacred vessel that gives and perpetuates life, a woman’s body should never be desecrated, but always cherished and celebrated.

Men are shining, triumphant and powerful. Their strength and clarity is a sword that cuts through confusion, distortion and darkness; revealing light with truth and protecting all that is feminine and sacred.

This collection is also available as a fine art film for high-end venues and events.

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