Feline Fusion

Shot in Africa, this collection portrays the kindred spirit shared by females and felines.

Finding your inner animal awakens your keenest senses, your sharpest instincts. Grounded in nature, the self is reborn.

To think like a cat is to be like a cat.

Both such creatures of measured energy and cunning, all lithe limbs and golden sun radiating on and reflecting off their hides. 

Ready to pounce, they are all about the readiness, the yearning.

It’s the magic hour, so let the hunt begin.

The attack is the release, such pleasure at the catch. Or is it the thrill before the victory that truly sends them soaring?

Tough as a mama lion, yet soft as her chuff and the gentle licking of all things needing her care.

She doesn’t require a roar.

Rather, she takes a quieter pleasure in all her accomplishments, both big ones and small.