Delight your senses by that juxtaposition of the similar but different. Twins work in tandem, and even opposites attract.
Very often, pairing art really creates a cohesive sensory experience for the observer. When hung on your wall, it helps bring unity and synergy in the quantum field, thus, in your home and life.

Aphrodite & Adonis, the yin & the yang, the alpha & the omega...

In the ancient science of feng shui, symmetry and proportionality in multiples of 2 in your home brings harmony, a sense of equilibrium, serenity and abundance in relationships, friendships and family.

Also known as “love luck”, this energy is a powerful and palpable addition to your bedroom, especially.

I selected each of these sets with careful consideration for the energy they would infuse into your home as well as the mood they would create for you on a daily basis, pleasing the chi, the life force energy that freely circulates in your home.

I love this collection that features many of my bestselling pieces. It was designed not only to please the eye but to enhance (or restore) beauty and harmony in your lifetime experience.

Just as we learn in a group, we learn much from adjacent works of art: they play on each other, highlighting the differences and similarities, the highs and lower moods of time, of motion, of love.

The joy of combining. Ahh.