Women Are The Soul Of The World

This collection is a celebration of the Everywoman: hunter, mother, creator, healer, lover …

Exuding a golden splendor, she lends a permanence to our otherwise fractured world.

Perpetuating life, her body is beautiful in all its grace and imperfections — not merely for the surface of her frame, but more for how she moves, acts, does. Scarlet Letter A for Accomplished.

Tough love when needed; a gentle touch when all else fails.

To see her, to cherish her, and to share in her spirit … that’s how our souls are nourished.

She creates us, sustains us. Yet, she asks for little in return.

They are fertility and motherhood like Ceres. As the source of creation and the sacred vessel that gives and perpetuates life, a woman’s body should never be desecrated, but always cherished and celebrated.