The Artist

Zack Zublena is a French photographer based in Los Angeles. Through his art, he aims at capturing the essence of life.

“Photography for me is a means to explore the deeper meaning of life. Through my camera, I seek to uncover the untold, to reveal the invisible; I try to catch a glimpse of the inner soul of my subjects. Like meditation, I hope to take those who see my work, on a mystical journey to another universe. A spiritual world, where one can reconnect with Nature and find strength and harmony within oneself.”

The Collection

Zack’s new collection is about human beings, all spiritually connected to Mother Nature and the Divine. Gold, the purest and most radiant of all the precious metals, represents the genesis of ourselves, the divine spark.

In his series SACRAL and WOMEN ARE THE SOUL OF THE WORLD, gold is used to sublimate the subject into a jewel of Creation. Gold represents the pure, powerful and rich essence of the divine, emanating and reflected onto the human being. In SACRAL, the quest for the divine goes through introspection, with a yogi finding unity and access to the spiritual world through his own body. In WOMEN ARE THE SOUL OF THE WORLD, nude women are beautified by the precious metal, becoming divinity themselves.

The MUSES’ WHISPER series is about our inherent connection with Mother Nature. The nude silhouette of a woman merges and dissolves into what could resemble the garden of heaven.

In all three series, the human body serves as the instrument to reveal the spirituality that is both within ourselves and beyond.