About Zack Zublena

Zack Zublena is a French photographer based in Los Angeles. Through his art, he endeavors to capture the essence of life and the true beauty of the human spirit.



“Photography for me is a means to explore the deeper meaning of life. Through my camera, I seek to uncover the untold, to reveal the invisible; I try to catch a glimpse of the inner soul of my subjects. I hope to take those who see my work on a mystical journey to another universe. Similar to when one meditates, certain photos can transport us to a spiritual world where one can reconnect with nature and find strength and harmony within oneself.”



Zack Zublena was born and raised in France. He also credits his Italian ancestors, as well as his travels around the world, with shaping his creativity and humanist perspective.

Since a young age, Zack has been passionate about the visual and performing arts. After receiving formal training at the prestigious Cours Florent drama school in Paris, he began a successful acting career.

His first serious encounters with photography took place during trips to Morocco and South Africa. There, fascinated by the light, the scenery and the wildlife, Zack realized that through his camera he could not only capture the beauty of the moment, but he could also express more than what the eye can see.

A new passion was born.

After moving to Los Angeles to pursue his acting career, Zack's photographic endeavors expanded from professional photoshoots for actors and models to diving headfirst into the world of fine art photography.

At the heart of Zack's art is humanism – a belief in the Self and in individual dignity, which was, not coincidentally, the cornerstone of Italian Renaissance art. It is also a distinctive facet of Zack's heritage and consciousness.

Renaissance artists were also driven to depict real human appearances, otherwise known as naturalistic art. Leonardo, Michelangelo, Raphael and others from this era presented beautifully modeled human bodies in complex poses. In many of his works, Zack paints the human body in gold, which magnifies the pure essence of the soul while at the same time providing nourishment and protection. The word “renaissance” means re-birth, and the gold paint both nurtures and repairs – much like the 15th-century Japanese artist Kintsugi, who used gold as a way of bringing new life to broken objects by repairing their cracks with gold. Ultimately, the gold enhances the figure’s imperfections, instead of completely hiding them and the repair is literally illuminating the finished form and thus sublimated into a jewel of Creation.

Zack aims to celebrate human worth and individual ability. From then on the therapeutic dimension of his work started becoming obvious, and several therapists have been  recommending to their clients to be photographed naked, painted in gold by him. The women, like the deities of the ancient world, are multifaceted. Some exude strength and determination, like Diana the hunting goddess. Others embody beauty and love, like Venus. Still others embrace fertility and motherhood, like Ceres. Zack's lens cherishes the life-giving, life-perpetuating force that is represented in a woman's body, molded to express her inner dignity and emotional resourcefulness, as celebrated in the “WOMEN ARE THE SOUL OF THE WORLD” and “GOLDEN SOUL” collections. Zack's men are shining, triumphant and powerful - like swords that cut through confusion, distortion, and darkness to reveal all that is light and truthful. Everything being vibration, frequency and energy, the “ZERO POINT FIELD / DIVINE POLARITY” collection features a yogi painted in gold, who, with his body transmits therapeutic codes from the higher realms. Let yourself be guided and soothed by its vibrations. Also have a look at “VICTORIOUS” for men and “ZERO POINT FIELD / DIVINE UNION” - Zack’s vision of the merging of the sacred feminine and masculine. Another Renaissance element in many of Zack's collections is nature and the natural world, often represented by the shapes of a garden, delicate flowers, butterflies or shimmering water. Just as Italian artists did many years before him, Zack aims to understand the laws of nature and the physical world, and to explore the inherent connection between human beings, Mother Nature and the universe.The “MUSE’S WHISPER” collection highlights this point. Zack is on a journey to explore and question. Wit, connection to spirit, beauty and truth are what he intends to find and convey. It is called medicine art for a reason. Viewers of his collections are invited to go on this golden healing journey within and with him.