Commissions/Healing Journey

 Are you ready to unleash your Inner Goddess? 

Imagine yourself glowing and radiating from the inside out. Something Big is coming…from deep within you!

Dive into a life-changing pictorial spiritual adventure and meet your Higher Self like you’ve never met it before.

You can have the best life ever and ride the golden timeline from now on, can you not?

From humble beginnings to divine revelations and pure magic, Zack's journey is nothing short of extraordinary and he's ready to share his wisdom with you.

Introducing Zack Zublena, a modern-day alchemist and French photographer, who’s transforming the world, one soul at a time.

Divine encounter extraordinaire 

 After more than a decade-long spiritual journey and deep inner exploration, in 2021, Zack had a mind-blowing chat with the Almighty Big Guy upstairs. After diving through golden light and feeling the Holy Spirit permeate every cell of his body, he eventually hit a golden ceiling after what felt like an ascension process.

The message was simple, yet profound: "Congratulations, you've made it! You're a healer. Now, go heal the world. I give you a Carte Blanche."(Which signifies the complete freedom to do whatever you want). He now understands what that means and has chosen to set the stage for people around the world to activate their inner healer, raise their vibration, unleash their potential and as a result raise the vibration of the world and collective as a Whole.

 This modern-day wizard took the celestial pep talk to heart and set out to share his divine vision with us all.

🌟 Embrace the Power of Gold and realign to the Golden Timeline🌟

Zack's World is a shimmering vision of Divine Perfection and Gold - a symbol of purity, royalty, integrity and enlightenment, vibrating at the highest frequency.

This glowing color also symbolizes the Holy Spirit and the color of our Soul. Zack invites you to tap into this Source Energy, discover your unique gifts and ignite transformation.

Experience more than a photoshoot

This journey isn't just about striking a pose or capturing a beautiful moment on camera as a memory, it's about immortalizing your spiritual transformation fully painted in gold. 

Celebrate the luxury of a lavish golden photoshoot and treasure the exquisite fine art photos as a testament to your journey. They serve as a constant reminder of your elevated vibrations and the extraordinary experience - a frequency you'll carry for a lifetime.

Guidance and healing with Zack's personalized sessions 

 Embark on an exhilarating journey of spiritual evolution and personal growth. With Zack's guidance, you will tap into your unlimited potential and unlock your creative energy.

 Zack brings his extensive experience in Energy work and Trauma healing to create personalized sessions that go beyond mere participation and start way before he picks up the camera. Since the sessions offer a unique blend of healing techniques such as transformational breathwork, meditation, inner child work, activation through crystals and art, numerology, astrology, as well as Subconscious Mind reprogramming, the results are not just pictures. These techniques are designed to elevate your personal vibrations and spark your transformative journey. Let go of past limitations and embrace new possibilities on a journey intending to empower you to fully realizing the Divine being that you are, who you’re meant to be. Press the reset button and come back online with a new glow as you unlock YOUR Golden Essence and rediscover Your Creative Potential.

Remember, we don't attract what we want; we attract more of who we already are. By experiencing yourself in gold—the highest possible vibration—your own vibe is boosted and transformed. You can’t unsee what you’ve seen, you will always remember what you’ve once experienced… This shift allows you to naturally become a magnet for the best parts of life, stepping into the 5D realm fully empowered.

 👣 Step into your golden journey with confidence 👣

 It's time to: Change your life!  Boost your vibe! Attract your tribe and create what your heart truly desires!

Embrace this golden opportunity and let the highest vibration become your reality.

🌟 Discover your true potential 🌟

For just $2222 you can immerse yourself in a day of deep, transformational healing and empowerment.

Out of hundreds of digital pictures to choose from, you'll additionally receive 10 fine art retouched digital images. Each image a testament to Zack's dedication to bring the New You to life.

And there's more! You'll also receive a 20 x 30 print of your favorite one, personally signed by him. A tangible piece of art that tells your story of transformation, a symbol of your profound life change.
(More images can be retouched and prints ordered for an additional fee)

 This might be the golden opportunity and gift to yourself you've been seeking.



Are you truly ready to embark on this journey? 

Just to make sure this is an energetic fit, and that you’re fully committed to a deep transformational experience, let's ensure this pulsating energy aligns with your spirit. Zack invites you to a brief meeting via zoom prior to scheduling this life-changing experience. 

Check out some of Zack’s artistic work on and testimonials about the transformational breathwork on

While the photos featured on the site use models to maintain client confidentiality, they offer a glimpse of how you could transform into your own unique masterpiece.