The Artist


Text and titles by Emilie paillette

The artist

Zack Zublena is a french photographer based in Los Angeles. He is interested in capturing The Essence Of Life. He strongly believes that only the purest mental can represents the genesis of ourselves. The Divine Spark. 

For his 3 series, he was inspired by the chaos surrounding us, and the emergency to reach a balance within ourselves. Develop harmony in our lives and understand that peace is also learning  how to live surrounded  by chaos. By showing a yogi adapting ASANAS(Yoga Positions). His goal is to  show how to reach unity, communion with the Divine and NIRVANA. These ASANAS are the achievement of a life long practice and of hard work, requiring a  strong will and discipline. Gold is the essence of the series "SACRAL" & "DAWN IS FRIEND OF THE MUSES", where the body symbolizes  a jewel of creation. Gold represents the pure, powerful and rich essence of the divine, emanating and reflected onto the human being. Zack has been into art for 20 years, with a solid acting background in France and the United States. He has been shooting models and actors for over 10 years before to get into fine art photography.