The Artist


-text and titles by Emilie Pailette

The artist

Above and beyond the aesthetic of the object, the same question remains. If the artist left a message behind, what is the message about?

What brought Zack to share SACRAL with us today came from a lasting inner quest. A quest for harmony, balance and peace, qualities that are more desired now than ever.

Find balance within you, harmony in your life and understand that peace is also learning how to live surrounded by chaos.

By showing a Yogi adopting asanas (Yoga positions) Zack is showing us how to reach unity, communion with the Divine and Nirvana. These asanas are the achievement of a lifelong practice and of hard work, requiring a strong will and discipline.

Gold is the essence of Sacral, where the body symbolizes a jewel of creation. Gold symbolizes the pure, powerful and rich essence of the Divine, emanating and reflected onto the Human Being.

The quest to Harmony might sound like Heaven on Earth and if Heaven shall be here, it is through our eyes that Heaven should rise.